About Cornea Clinic

Best Cornea Specialist Clinic in Ahmedabad

Best Cornea Specialist Clinic in Ahmedabad

About Cornea Clinic

Cornea Clinic is one of the leading cornea and refractive medical establishments in the country. With excellent infrastructure and Dr. Geet Shah, leading the medical institution, the patients are guaranteed exceptional care. You can definitely count on our team of medical experts to offer top-quality patient aftercare.

What is the cornea?

Basically, cornea refers to the outer layer present in the front part of the eye. It is this clear layer that aids the human eye in focusing on the light so that they can visualize clearly. With the aid of the lens, the cornea helps in focusing the image on the retina. After that, the signals get transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve.

Cornea-related diseases are one of the primary reasons that lead to blindness globally. The wide array of inflammatory and infectious eye issues has a negative impact on the cornea transparency. It ultimately leads to corneal blindness. Moreover, individuals suffering from corneal blindness are generally from the younger group.

Corneal transplant

Keratoplasty or corneal transplant is essentially a surgery that involves the replacement of the corneal part with another tissue given by a donor. The cornea transplant aids in the reduction of pain and restoration of eyesight. It will also improve the condition of the damaged cornea significantly.

Here, it is essential to note that majority of these surgeries are successful. However, complications are still involved, and thus expert medical assistance is critical.

Eyecare at Cornea Clinic

At Cornea Clinic, the Best Cornea Specialist Clinic in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we have an excellent cornea department committed to offering premium-quality treatment and care to patients. These include the management and treatment of a wide range of eye diseases. Cornea Clinic boasts of having a skilled and reputable team of medical professionals with years of expertise. Our patients get top-notch treatment and care. The rising number of ocular patients has compelled us to design and develop high-quality treatment plans.

We provide a wide array of services like conjunctivitis, keratoconus management, dry eye management, computer vision syndrome, eye allergies, etc. Other treatments include ocular surface tumor management, siet management, ocular trauma and chemical burns management, comprehensive microbial keratitis management, and penetrating keratoplasty.

From us, you will also get pterygium excision and clag management, corneal transplants and lamellar keratoplasty, lasik complication management, DALK, DMEK, and corneal collagen cross-linking.

The services that you can get from Cornea Clinic are truly outstanding. The experienced staff, along with the usage of the latest medical equipment pieces, explain why the clinic is gaining massive popularity. The specialization of the treatment of different eye conditions has made this clinic exceptionally reliable.

With the assistance of the expert ophthalmologist team, you can count on us to conduct refractive surgeries efficiently. The clinic has been offering excellent treatment for several years, attaining the trust of the patients.

We are well aware that patients with ocular conditions need top-quality treatment. That is why we aim to offer customized treatment based on the needs of the patients. If you feel something wrong with your vision or eye, it is advisable to get checked by professionals.

Visit our clinic for Best Cornea Specialist Clinic in Ahmedabad.

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